Here is the Grade Nine Inquiry Unit:

Unit Planning Template

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Do The Right Thing - a Grade 9 Inquiry Unit

Unit: Do The Right Thing

Context: Personal and Philosophicalcon

Essential Questions: What is the 'Right Thing' to do when there is conflict?

Guiding Questions – (supports Essential Question) -
What is the right thing to do when you respond to choices, issues and conflict? What are our rights, responsibilities, and freedoms?


Reading: Read for a variety of purposes including gathering information, to follow directions, to extend thinking, to give a response, to form an opinion, to understand information.
Make connections to prior knowledge and experiences

Writing: Use inquiry or research processes to gather additional ideas and information for specific purposes.
Use appropriate technology.

Viewing: Evaluate the effectiveness of a range of visual works.
Formulate questions.
Set purpose for viewing.
Recognize the main ideas, underlying messages and values, and relevant supporting details.

Assessment Plan:
Final Project: I believe that .... (give examples) Have them come up with 10 different beliefs based on knowledge gained in this unit with reasons why. Teacher discretion- students to choose one or more statements and develop into a slide show with at least 10 slides including voice thread and music. (Animoto and option outlined in the unit)
Option: Turn one of your belief statements into an action project. This project should be related to you personal life and portray to the viewer your belief in a issue, relationship, belief or circumstance (Choose from the past, present or future).

Suggested timeline: 4-6 weeks

Suggested resources:

Introduce the unit: Graffiti question board. Students to post questions that they have about this unit. This can be issues you wonder about, or anything that intrigues you, or bothers you about this question. Option: make this graffiti question board a blog or wikipage.
During: Blog or journal with answers to questions about conflict resolution and their own ideas about the right thing to do. What do they feel was the right choice and why?

Final Assignment:
Each contributor to look over unit on this Wiki Page, then note changes needed. Email changes to each member, they add to their documents, send changes to Paula, then adjust final document which will be reposted to this WIki Page.