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Still need to do:
Insert evaluations for lessons - formative and summative
Organize Reources - find some tech support resourcs for teachers
Read the material...pick out reading stategies that are best suited.
Work on some guidleines/template for final project
Insert Worksheets - KWL, Etc... for teachers to use.
Adaptive Dimension for exceptional students
Write Rationale for Unit.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday March 26 @9:00 at Connaught

Critiquing the unit: When done, we'd like some suggestiosn on other resources that could be used.

Unit: Communication in Our Lives

Context: Communicative

Essential Questions
How does technology impact ways of communication?

Guiding Questions
What is communication? What is the purpose of communication?
How has communication changed?
How has technology, media and the arts affected the development of societies? - positive and negative
How has technology, media and the arts influenced the way you interact with others? - postive and negative
Why do you have a responsibility to communicate ethically? - safety, cyber safe, copyright, making judgements, validity

What skills do you need to communicate effectively?
What impact does communication have in your life?

How does the restriction of communication influence communication in society?