Inquiry II
Day 5 Defining the Destination

9:15 Welcome Activity - "Imagine This"

9:30 Define the Destination: Review & Writing

10:30 Break

10:45 Assessment
  • Performance Task (scripted activity)
  • What is a performance/authentic task? What is social action? Handout and discussion
  • Choose 1 for the unit.
  • Deconstruct the skills involved.

11:30 Lunch

12:30 Wandering
1. Purpose is to teach:
  • to the skill and knowledge
  • to the deep the understanding/EQ
  • train for individual/group pursuit

Communicate findings and conclusions about a problem, question, or issue in a clear visual, oral and written format

Teaching for Information Literacy

2. Introduce the Inquiry Process Model. The links below provide a number of strategies for each phase of the inquiry process.

Use inquiry to explore authentic (real-life) problems, questions and issues associated with identity, social responsibility and efficacy including:


3. Group Work
  • application of the Inquiry Model in the unit

4. Wiki Reflection -
How would you describe your competency as an Inquiry Designer? wizhat.gif
a) Wizard
b) Master
c) Apprentice
d) Lost in the woods