Inquiry II
Day 4 Defining the Destination Part 2

9:00 Welcome and Opening
9:15 What’s the Big Deal about Assessment?
· Brainstorm terms associated with assessment
· rate your familiarity with the terms (vocab knowledge scale)
· pre assessment For and AS
9:30 Assessment FOR/AS/OF learning
Individual pursuit of knowledge Q “What is Assessment FOR, As and Of learning?”
· Read suggested sources
· write a wiki explanation of each of the terms
· group discussion

Rethinking Classroom Assessment with Purpose in Mind (WNCP document)

9:50 Collation chart
· share and discuss
· Handout Assessment strategies and have participants place under categories
· Debrief by getting explanations about why people placed them where they did
· Some strategies fit under all 3 (OF/AS/FOR) depending on how they are used (evaluate or describe)

10:15 Assessment and Backwards Design

Outcomes/Indicators Assessment Deliberate Learning Activities

Assessment Planning:

  1. Choosing a performance task that will allow students to show their learning
(relates to as many indicators as possible)

  1. Decide on the major criteria and the format/tool
  2. Other Summative: ongoing, self-assessment, previous summative, indicators not covered by task
1. Task:
· Significant terms: Authentic, performance, efficacy, social responsibility
· Vocab Activity in groups and share their definition?
· I Do: Oral presentation supported by a PPT to the class that responds to the question “How Do You Make a Friend?”

2. Criteria:
· Major points/categories that you value from the indicators
· Allow for student input when introducing and doing the task
· I DO: Oral, Design, Content