Inquiry II
Day 3 Defining the Destination Part1
9:15 Welcome and Overview
9:20 Opening Activity – conversations with only questions
9:30 Inquiry Metaphor – ukulele
9:40 Inquiry Framework
9:50 Quotes
10:10 Wiki reflection - Where are you in grasping inquiry learning? What are you experiencing?
Defining the Destination Part 1
  1. Backwards Desgin - Wiggins and McTighe
  2. Overview of the Template example template.doc
  3. Choosing Topic and Understandings
planning template.doc
· Look at Contexts and themes from Curr. and choose one
· Use Funnel sheet (Wiggins and McTighe) to guide to big understandings
· Choose priority understandings and turn into EQ
Analogy – Inquiry is Like_because__

4. Choosing Outcomes
Brief overview of new curriculum
· philosophy – culture of inquiry and inquiry process
· outcomes
· indicators
A. Read the goals from the perspective of Inquiry and student need
B. Read the outcomes
C. If I need to understand better I read the indicators
D. Choose a few outcomes

5. Choosing Knowledge and Do indicators
The purpose is to clarify and break down the language so we and our students can know exactly what is to be learned

· Choose indicators from each outcome from the perspective inquiry and student need
· Identify the nouns which will indicate the knowledge and verbs to indicate the Do, which is why we are now working with what we call indicators
· level verbs according to Bloom’s taxonomy
· translate the indicators verbs and nouns into knowledge and do indicators
· deconstruct

Closure to the day