Where am I in the process of understanding inquiry learning?
I think I am getting getter at this inquiry process...I realize that I have learned a lot from stumbling my way through the flight inquiry unit after christmas. I was really able to make connections with the process while planning this one. I will still need to plan and teach more to feel totally comfortable.
What is my feeling and analysis of the process?
I really like the process. I would love to plan all my ELA units with this group as I am not compfortable with ELA and have learned so much from others. We really need this program to keep going.
Question...shoudl all ELA units be ELA, or should we have some variety?

My Random Thoughts....
I am feeling really good about where our group is today (not to mention where I am). I am feeling confident about where I am at in ELA - much better than at the beginning of the year. Our group is very positive and motivated...which is aweome. I also love the fact that we have two facilitators...and their opinions are different. I think it sets a tone for how our classrooms will run as well. Tthe tacher doesn't always have the "rigth answer", there are different opinions and all are valid... as long as they are justified and backed up with relevant information. I think I have learned something and I am excited to see what the year will bring.

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    Inquiry Learning is...

    • a method to develop independent learners
    • asking students to do something with the information they have found
    • "Celebrating the understood"
    • developing skills of: "careful observation, reasoning, critical thinking, and the ability to justify or refute our existing knowledge"
    • begins with a probelm or issue
    • uses questions to guide learning

    Inquiry Learning is not...
    • interdisciplinary curricula
    • "Celebrating the found"

    Good Resources
    **Inquiry Definition**
    **The Inquiry Process**
    Internet based Inquiry-Approach

    What are essential questions?
    • essential questions frame research
    • do NOT give students a "liscence to plagarize"

    Foundational questions
    • answer what is...
    • guide the research so students can find facts

    Big Questions
    • what are the "products" of an inquiry unit?
    • what are some good tools to assess inquiry learning?

    Random Thoughts on the Essential Question...I totally get it...the whole inquiry thing. Students have to be able to learn this process in order to devlop life skills so that they can research, learn how to ask questions, etc... It promotes deepeer understanding because they are asking "Why?" and trying to find out answers for themselves. The technology part is excellent because it will allow us to use computers and other tools in an authentic way...not just as an add on.

    I am hesitant over a few things...how will this affect all my 6 different reading levels/comprehension abilities/etc...that I have in one classroom. What will I do for those students who do not have access to the technology? I am new at this...am I competent enough as a teacher to provide positve and meaningful expereinces.


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